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My tips for trying on wedding dresses successful

You marry this spring? It is time for you to step the most fun of your preparations: the fittings !

The fittings of what? But your wedding dress of course! And for that moment of grace does not change much to the disappointment pre-nuptial voic so my tips!

what lingerie bridal gown fittings

If you survived the evil morphological tests , you know now that you have - and you're going! - Try a little all styles of dress. History does not spend foolishly beside this gorgeous red dress that will shape and tone your complexion value like never before!

Normally, on the net or on glossy paper, you already have spot patterns that you like. Or you hate! I know it is difficult to make a selection . Many small wonders you with open arms ... Unfortunately, in the lot, some will not be in your budget. Unless thou be the daughter of Bill Gates. But in this case you do not read this post. Normally.

I'll tell you later how to reach these inaccessible stars ... For now, be reasonable, and eliminate them immediately. Among those remaining, he must find himself being distributed near you. Try to set aside a day or a whole afternoon dedicated to your fittings.

And if possible, not a Saturday .

Bottled shops, vendors stressed, and you will quickly find yourself in an uncomfortable position . Not to mention that you multiply the risks of the dress of your dreams out of the cab neighbor on shoulders of a charming Uma Thurman lookalike. It can hurt.


Then it's simple: make an appointment ! Because unless teasing mood, prevent land without a shop to try twenty dresses, you can be sure to see you back up bluntly. Or, to be poorly served if you venture out of crying ...

Do not hesitate to take with you:

the photos of your favorite models ,
1 or 2 girlfriends (not more!) dedicated, but not too much - they must be sincere! Or your mom if she stopped seeing you as a little girl of 5 years. Or your Future if you do not worship the secret * .
Also planning a small bottle of water and a good deodorant . Yes! Writhe for don wedding dresses, it gives fast warm! Not to mention the strong emotions that await you ...
By the way, how to prepare , you? Two schools of thought on this subject.

There are purists, for whom we must render its fittings without an ounce of makeup. And, not to risk the mega task of foundation on the dress Max Shaul € 15,000 (provided you were not? Bad ...).

And those who, like me, think greasy hair + pale complexion = fiancée foul . Even in the most beautiful dresses.

(Tim, I love you)

So, Novia, make yourself beautiful .

And time to dive into the dress, thinking it gently one  lightweight scarf on your head . I know it sounds weird, but it let you avoid dragging all your make-up on silk bustier.

For that matter, an outright plan into full beauty : waxing, scrubs, manicures and pedicures. You certainly feel better about yourself, under the neon lights sometimes aggressive. And the contrast between your legs and delicate lace Yeti might be a bit violent (ha ha).

Similarly, do you think your hair raise D-Day? Do not forget to include a bar , a clip, a pen ... anything that allows you to back up your mane. You see, that changes everything! If you have them already, also take your heels 12 cm . Also, they change everything. Especially the seamstress who will take the marks of any hem ...

And for below , will you tell me?

There, I have only one advice: forget the frilly alluring lingerie for your wedding night. Plan and the invisible. Of seamless or straps. The flesh color that will blend in any dress.

This is usually where you will have to grieve as nice as below it, the big day Indeed, there are practical lingerie to wear under the dress:

And sexy lingerie and smart to wear the next night ... But patience! We'll talk.

Of course, if you find the home unpleasant flee without turning . It will be time to  return to take revenge later .

After all, you had spotted dress can be distributed elsewhere. By a saleswoman adorable. Which, with luck, even allow you to take pictures of you in uniform!

For reasons stupid Privacy, most signs prohibiting photos indeed ... so that all the details of the models are already in line for a long time!

In case of refusal, forget the bad picture taken quietly with your phone.

Demand rather your "assistants" (to your friends, anything!) To note carefully :

the brand and model name,
what you liked and disliked,
and price (always useful!).
This will give you a good basis for discussion with you. Unless a lightning strike unannounced.

Because yes, Novia Mia : The thunderbolt does exist! If you did, try not to succumb to the pressure of the seller.

She wants to persuade you to order, there now-immediately? Because "it is the latest model in stock"? And that he "will not be renewed?"

Hmm. But no.

First, other brand boutiques have perhaps. Then, it is not uncommon for a model without being reproduced identically, is still present in the new collection. A small knot over here, a name change there, and presto! Voila! An example? In 2010 , in Cymbeline, the model Daylice :

Credit Photo : Cymbeline

And (laughing a little) in 2011 , still in Cymbeline, the model Espera !

Credit Photo : Cymbeline

And the clerk will tell you that it was not renewed ... Normal. For her, "like" better than .. ?

This is the harsh law of the market. You're his umpteenth wedding week, month, year. And unless his job is his passion, only deep pockets can coax ... If I tell you this, it's just that blinds you a little passage. too Do not idealize your fittings . This is still the best way not to be disappointed.

And, as to pass for an original, do not hesitate to move in your dress!
Walking, running, arms up ... You have to feel comfortable, because this dress, you'll wear it all day. And even you dance with! If you chose a dress with a train, know that it takes a little practice. Normally, you will recover your dress between 15 days and 1 week before the wedding. Enjoy it for you exercise. This will save you up to, like me, your behind on the wrong side when opening the ball ...

Oh, I almost forgot! You used to wear 40, you can not miss this celebrity dress in your size yet? No, you did not suddenly transformed into a giant whale. Just know that  dresses usually carve small ! I am not talking dresses stretch some signs ranging from 38 to 54 (I exaggerate only slightly). But it is not uncommon for a dress, labeled 40 corresponds in reality to a ... 38. Even a 36!

Red Carpet Dresses you will like these:

Novia normally there, you should be well dressed to convert the try. So now: have fun! This is YOUR time, enjoy! And come back soon to tell us everything!

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