Thursday, May 9, 2013

Evening dress of an American star, Hall Berry dressed sexy

Hall Berry in most of his appearances outside scenes of filming, the actress is still very gorgeous evening dresses with beautiful and elegant dresses, evening star.

Hall Berry, sexy actress and star of evening dresses which makes it look even more beautiful and elegant
Hall Berry, an African-American star, one of the most beautiful and sexiest Hollywood. The actress made a splash in all media and film appearances. And this is normal, since it has very favorable attributes that give him this picture. And in most of his appearances outside scenes of filming, the actress is still very gorgeous evening dresses with beautiful and elegant dresses, evening star. With Chouchourouge, we will decipher elegant look of the star in its outputs and public appearances with his evening dresses upscale actress 

A movie star with evening dresses fashion

His short evening dress cut to the Silver Rose Gala

Movie stars and pop stars have all gathered for the 30 years of the Silver Rose Gala in Los Angeles. It was one of the most anticipated nights of the year and the actress Berry Hall has not missed the opportunity to make an appearance at the party. For the occasion, she was wearing a beautiful short evening dress cut white. A white dress that fits her perfectly.

She stood out among the celebrities present at the party for his evening dresses Gucci is simply elegant, this is a beautiful look for the star. With a triumphant air and sexy posture, her dress mixes with clean cuts and revealing a sensation. Not to mention she is fluent in sexiness. Thanks to its sharp taste in evening dress, it assumes perfect appearance.

The cream color of her dress accentuates and fits perfectly with that of his skin and accessories that accompany the dress, are well chosen, as its integrated necklace and bracelet gold machete with a very futuristic design. Beige shoes and matching tray nicely complement the look and rush her figure modeling. We  can say that Halle Berry is one of the few actresses who never disappoints in his appearances, and it lived up to its reputation with its look.

An evening gown color on the red carpet

It was during his appearance on the red carpet for the release of his latest film, and as usual, the star never misses. And obviously, in terms of style, Hall Berry is a connoisseur because she always look like a star, whatever the style of dress she wears. To attend the premiere of his latest film "The Soloist" in Los Angeles, the actress chose to wear a colorful dress long evening. A dress with straps that color suits him perfectly and colorful sound pretty tan.

This choice of evening dress ( is very special for the star since we usually see in sexy evening dresses with heels. This time, she chose simple and works. Her dress is also out its beautiful curves and nice figure. To her feet, she chose to complete her look with a pair of flip flops. A simple but elegant when it comes to Hall Berry gets going look.

Facebook: Pay for messages to celebrities

Pay to send messages to celebrities or non-friends? This may be what is on the horizon for the social network Facebook.

Facebook has already launched several tests involving pay features, risk may give rise to a two-tier social network.

After payment to ensure the front of a publication with his friends, the British press reported that Facebook started offering a payment to send messages to celebrities on the social network, or to get in touch with people are not part of his friends.

Pricing fluctuates. The Guardian and indicates a price of nearly £ 11 (€ 13) to contact the British diver Tom Daley in less than one euro for lesser-known personalities.

Such payment would include order to fight against the spam. Still, free is still valid but with a message that would result in the "Other" folder in the inbox with ultimately unlikely to be read.

It is currently an experiment concerning a "very small percentage of users" and that the first steps had been taken to the United States. The information on this subject are relatively imprecise.

For The Guardian, pricing varies depending on several factors including the number of people who follow a celebrity, a "secret algorithm known." A priori, Facebook retains only the benefit of monetization.

Earlier this year, a test in the United States resulted in payment of $ 100 to contact a group of people handpicked including Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook. A type of extreme pricing was eventually abandoned.

Are you willing to pay to send messages to celebrities on Facebook?